History and general news


Galvanica Paciotti O. Srl begun its activity in 1975 and since 1980s begun a collaboration with main society operating in the defense, space and telecommunications sectors, gradually improving its qualitative standards with the constant objective of the custom satisfaction.

The founder and owner of the society was able to surround himself with competent partners who love their work and enable to interpreter at best the increasingly demanding of the marketplace in which the company is included. Then the sons’ entry in the society brought a further opening to the new, from the customer-orientation point of view, the developing of new processes and the increasing of the existing ones.

power filterAfter the move in the new headquarter, happened in January 1999, the society activity was increased with the opening of the painting and serigraphy department, offering to the customers a complete service in the protective superficial treatments setting.

Galvanica Paciotti concentration was always directed to professional marketplaces, in particular to aerospace, telecommunications and microelectronic sector, both in the civil and military settings.

Today we can proudly say that our society can be considered one of the most qualified reference point at national (and international) level in the context of galvanic treatments for the marketplace sectors mentioned above.

The society is especially organized for little and average series, typical of our reference markets.

The productive process

  • The production lines allow the maximum productive flexibility thanks to the presence, where necessary, of more tanks of different dimensions for the same treatment; two automatic lines ensure the production capacity also for quantities exceeding the average.

  Inner plating of a waveguide shiny copper plating tank


  • The traceability of the treated products is guaranteed by a producing profile that follow the object through the whole production, since the visual inspection to the final testing and the packaging.
    Analysis of the galvanic bath

  • We have a chemical laboratory inside the company, which allows us to keep constantly under control the composition of the galvanic baths; when necessary we make use of qualified external laboratories.

  • The trial makes control through several stages of the process, such as:
    The trial – visual inspection

    • At the entry of materials, pointing out to the client the defects found, in particular the ones who can meddle on the final functionality of the treated objects;

    • During the process, for example after an intermediate treatment (thickness check, adhesion, visual appearance, heat test).

    • At the end of the process: thickness of the final layer, adhesion, heat test if required, visual inspection.


  • Plan, gear and device maintenance is previously or real-time managed by internal staff, only employed to that activity; this allows us to minimize any possible negative impact to delivery time.


Human resources

Galvanic treatments are considered "special processes", and because of that their result depends not only from the good functionality of the baths and the gear used, but also from the care, attention and first of all from the awareness of the employed: because of this Galvanica Paciotti pays very attention to the employed formation and knowledge, with periodic updates and tests carried out from the internal staff (the quality responsible or the technology and processes responsible) and from the external staff (quality consultant).


Customer satisfaction

Much attention is saved for the customer requirements, by paying the greatest attention to his expectations satisfaction and by proposing, when necessary, alternative solutions that can better respond to the functionality requisites of the particulars treated.

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